Golden Gooses

Golden Gooses makes Golden Eggs
Get more Gooses and produce more Eggs

Daily Production
- Golden Eggs ($-)

Circulating Supply
- Golden Gooses ($-)

Profits Stats
Daily ROI = -%
Weekly ROI = -%
Yearly ROI (APY) = -%

My Wallet

- Trx ($-)
- Golden Gooses ($-)
- Golden Eggs ($-)

Get Gooses

Invest  TRX


- Golden Eggs ($-)

My Golden Eggs Production

eggs are produced everyday, forever

per Day



per Week



per Year



Referral Program - get 5% from your friends

Get gooses to activate your Referral Link

About Golden Gooses

Golden Eggs is a DeFi Token hosted on the Tron Blockchain, transparent and opensource. It is the first Defi Dapp that is easy to use, thanks to the "One Click Staking" function, and safe thanks to it's embedded secured-liquidity mechanism.
When a player invest Trx to get golden gooses, the smartcontract split the investment in two, one half is used to buy GLDI token, the other half is used to provide liquidity to the GLDI/TRX Pool, among with the just bought GLDI. The resulting LP (liquidity pool, aka golden gooses) tokens are then staked within the Farm smartcontract and locked forever, there is no unstake function at all.
This offers a great protection against impermanent losses also known as "rug pull", since all liquidity is always locked and nobody can take advantage of the system.
Golden Eggs, Golden Diamonds and Golden Gooses price is totally dictated by supply and demand dynamics, the whole dapp is fully decentralized all the time.
GoldenEggs is an entertainment vehicle and not an investment product. Funds allocation: 5% to marketing, 5% to referral (referral program), 90% to staking.
Claimed Eggs are instantly minted by the official smartcontract, +10% is minted to marketing fund. 

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